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The Oil & Gas conference for the Upstream and Midstream industry in Latin America

Punta del Este Resort & Spa *****

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Dear attendee,

It is with great pleasure for me to welcome you in Punta Del Este for the Latin America Oil and Gas 2019 Summit, the Official Summit of the oil and gas sector for the region.

We have worked very closely with ANCAP, as well as with the British Argentinian Chamber of Commerce, designing this official summit to be a success for all the participants, with the scope to become an essential meeting for the industry.

The Latin America Oil and Gas 2019 Summit, will shed light on developments in exploration and production, geology, infrastructure, business and licenses, as well as important hydrocarbon projects throughout the region.

The Summit will address all the business opportunities identified in the country so you can gauge your involvement and strategy accordingly.

We would also like to express our warmest regards to ANCAP and BACC for their kind support.

With best wishes,

Chryssa Tsouraki


IN-VR Oil&Gas


Héctor de Santa Ana

E&P Manager

ANCAP Uruguay



Hydrocarbons Directorate Paraguay

David Tawil

Managing Partner

Maglan Capital

David Tawil

Managing Partner

Maglan Capital

Santiago Ferro

Head of E&P & Contracts

ANCAP Uruguay

Natalia de la Calle


Oleoducto de Colombia

Nicolás Quintana

Energy Director

Argentina Investment & Trade Promotion Agency

Marina Abelha Ferreira

Superintendent of Exploration

ANP Brazil

Pablo Gristo

Geoscience Manager

ANCAP Uruguay

Ing. Raúl Baldeón

General Manager

Agency for Control & Regulation of Hydrocarbons Ecuador

Gabriel Bereziuk

Senior Investment Advisor

Argentina Investment & Trade Promotion Agency

Marina Abelha Ferreira

Superintendent of Exploration

ANP Brazil

Arianna Spinelli

Head Office of Oil & Gas

Secretariat of Energy Uruguay

Christopher Moseley


Barbados National Oil Company

Andre Cho

Director of the Geology

Ministry of Economic Development & Petroleum Belize


Day 1 | Thursday - December 5th, 2019

08:30 | Registration

09:30 | Welcome from IN-VR

Country Focused Session: Montenegro

09:30 | Inauguration by HE Dragica Sekulic, Minister of Economy

09:50 | Chairman's Remarks

10:00 | Presentation: Montenegrin Hydrocarbons Administration; Leading Montenegro’s hydrocarbon development

  • Montenegrin Hydrocarbons Administration’s duties and responsibilities
  • What are the current awarded contracts and work programmes?
  • Lessons learned

10:30 | Presentation:What is the best global practice for Hydrocarbons Public Policy that Montenegro implements?

  • Law on Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons
  • Law on Hydrocarbons Tax
  • Law on Safety of hydrocarbons operations
  • What is the progress made on the preparation of the Petroleum Fund Law?

12:00 | Presentation: Exploring Montenegro’s Hydrocarbons Fiscal System

  • What is the existing Fiscal System?
  • How did the implemented system affect the results of the first offshore bid round?

Morning Coffee Break

12:30 | Presentation: Montenegro’s Exploration Reconnaissance licence:

  • What are the terms of the Exploration Concession Contract?
  • What are the commercial elements involved in the bidding?
  • How will profit sharing work between participating parties?

12:30 | Presentation: Energean’s offshore exploration of the Adriatic Sea:

  • Offshore blocks 4218-30 & 4219-26
  • How are the 3D seismic surveys, geological and geophysical studies proceeding?
  • What is next for the first three-year exploration phase?
  • Energean’s key learnings and next steps

13:00 | Presentation: ENI and Novatek’s successful partnership:

  • Exploration update for licenses 4118-4, 4118-5, 4118-9 and 4118-10
  • What are the next steps for the 4-year First exploration period of the licenses?
  • When will the first exploration wells be drilled?

Lunch Break

16:00 | Presentation: Slovenia’s hydrocarbon production

18:30 | Presentation: How can the Balkans establish themselves as a prominent energy node for Europe and the Mediterranean through gas corridors?

Drinks Reception & Gala Dinner


Day 2 | Friday - December 6th, 2019

09:30 | Registration and Coffee

Country Focused Session: Romana

10:00 | Presentation: Romania’s hydrocarbon exploration overview:

  • What is the current exploration environment?
  • Hydrocarbons fiscal and legal regime
  • Challenges and opportunities for existing investors and newcomers

10:20 | Presentation: Romania as an international Gas Corridor

  • Domestic natural gas transmission
  • International natural gas transmission
  • How is BRUA’s Stage 1 proceeding?

10:40 | Presentation: Romania’s exploration initiative of the Black Sea and the $400 million investment

  • What are the next steps for drilling the five offshore production wells of the Midia gas project?
  • Neptune Deep Block - the most ambitious Black Sea exploration drilling campaign

Country Focused Session: Greece

11:00 | Presentation: Latest E&P developments in Greece; Working on Future Opportunities

11:20 - Morning Coffee Break

11:50 | Presentation: Hellenic Petroleum’s role in the resurgence of the Greek upstream sector and  exploration activities:

  • HELPE’s business initiatives, E&P strategy and current activities
  • HELPE and Repsol’s offshore exploration partnership.
  • What are the joint venture’s plans for the two Ionian Sea blocks? What are the next steps for Crete’s offshore exploration
  • Greek Upstream sector: hydrocarbon prospectivity based on legacy exploration data
  • HELPE’s successful HSSE Model
  • Overview of the existing fiscal regime and commercial terms

13:20 | Energean’s Exploration and Development success in Greece and the Mediterranean

  • Summary of E&P activities in Greece and Israel
  • Prinos complex’ milestones
  • Offtake agreement with BP
  • Epsilon field update

Lunch Break

15:40 | Presentation: Bulgaria’s new Black Sea exploration ventures

  • What are the deepwater exploration drilling plans?
  • 1-14 Khan Kubrat exploration update
  • What are the partnership opportunities for service providers?

16:00 | Closing Panel Discussion: Establishing and fostering a continuing dialogue and knowledge exchange among Balkans Oil &Gas Authorities

16:30 -  Chairman’s closing remarks



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