Rodrigo Hernández

Systems Computer Scientist.
He has developed his professional career in companies in the sector, holding different management positions in companies such as Orquídea and Eventmobi. He is currently Director of Large Clients in the Central Territory in Spain.

Carmen García

Director of Corporate Human Resources Development.
From 2010 to 2015 she was Director of Talent Management, subsequently joining Orquídea as HR Director. In 2019 she was appointed HR Director of the global units.

Nelson Pérez

Economic analyst.
Considered one of the most influential figures in Digital Transformation. He is a technology investor, business school professor, writer, editor of the most influential Spanish-language blogs and a sought-after international speaker.

Nuria González

Telecommunications Engineer.
She has spent most of her professional career in Spain where she has held different positions, initially in technical areas such as Service Development and later in commercial areas as Marketing Director.